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Buenos Aires Photographers Duff and Frances share a little about themselves;


What we LOVE.

Duff loves cameras. Frances loves her MAC. Duff loves his PC. Frances really loves Chomp. Duff loves Chomp too. Frances loves Yoga. Duff loves his orange couch. Frances loves peaceful mornings. Duff loves coffee in the morning. Frances loves Usher. Duff does not like Usher. Frances loves incense. Duff loves Frances’ smelly soap in the shower. Frances loves Duff’s arms wrapped around her. Duff loves the Transformers. Frances loves buying trashy magazines at the airport before a long flight. Duff loves Photoshop. Frances loves cooking. Duff loves eating. Frances loves taking pictures. Duff loves his Canon 70-200 2.8 IS lense. Frances loves when Duff gets really geeky. Duff loves going on road trips. Frances loves making a difference. Duff loves watching speed skating. Frances loves it when Duff leaves his socks on the floor. Duff loves making people smile. Frances loves finding time to read. Duff loves listening to Pearl Jam. Chomp loves it when she gets to sleep on the bed. Frances loves to hear your story. Duff loves to eat ice cream when he really shouldn’t be. Frances loves water. Duff loves fire.

Duff Douglas & Frances Ren Huang & Chomp
Paul Allen - March 7, 2012 - 8:13 am


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for taking photographs of myself, Cas and Daisy. We had a really enjoyable afternoon (which I have to admit I wasn’t expecting being not particularly comfortable in front of a camera).

You guys were amazing and your ideas and vision were exceptional and you were a real pleasure to spend time with, watching people with a real talent and artistry is always enjoyable and you two clearly have both in your work.

Cas has shown me a couple of the shots and I have to say they look brilliant, you have done a wonderful job and hopefully if the rest of the photos are anything like those i’ve seen, you’ve provided us with some beautiful visual memories to keep with us until we are old and grey (well greyer!!!).

Thank you for your company and giving up some of your valuable time to us, it was a memorable experience and one I will definitely be recommending to others.

Many Thanks

Paul Allen

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