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When we arrived in Buenos Aires we quickly found a new trend that we had not encountered before – closed door restaurants. What an interesting concept – open your home, cook some awesome food, and invite some people over. We’ve been lucky enough to try some of the closed door restaurants in town but we keep going back to this one – and this Chef –  Who is behind  this wonderful place? Chef Mun himself of course!

Sometimes we don’t appreciate a meal when we sit in a restaurant and all of a sudden a dish arrives in front of us. Where did the ingredients come from? Where did the Chef get his inspiration? We decided to follow Chef Mun for a day and see what goes into a meal at Casa Mun – and oh my – there’s a lot to it.

Getting the right ingredients is integral according to Mun (and the hardest part here in Buenos Aires). Chinatown, located in Belgrano near the Mitre, is where he does a lot of his shopping, but he also heads out to Flores to get some of his key ingredients. And lets not forget the Central Market – but there’s a catch – Mun wakes up at 3am to get their first and get the best stuff. Can you say dedication?

But do you know one of his secrets?

It’s his rooftop garden. Can you say freshness? Oh I think so.

As always, a Chef Mun dinner is finished with a tasty desert and his signature chocolate “Home” insignia. So what is a meal like at Casa Mun? It follows a great recipe.

  1. Have a cool space. Casa Mun is easily the best ambiance of all the closed door restaurants – modern, elegant, and with a slight asian twist to the decor
  2. Start off with a glass of champagne. Cary welcomes all the guests with a glass of champagne and quickly gets the guests chatting.
  3. People. You’ll be dining with strangers who will become friends. Typically everyone sits around a big table ‘family-style’ at Casa Mun – we love it.
  4. Great food. No one ever leaves Casa Mun feeling empty. Mun fills up your belly and makes sure you’re plenty happy with Cary providing generous pours of wine pairings with the courses.

Following Mun through a typical week we quickly realized how much heart he puts into Casa Mun. He loves what he does and it really showed while we chatted and followed him around town buying ingredients. During the meal he gives brief introductions to each dish and a typical menu has influences from many different parts of Asia and of course California where he moved from. At the end of the night you get to chat with Mun over some green tea which is a nice switch from the typical post-meal coffee. If you’re lucky you might even get to see their two dogs who stay upstairs while the meal is being ravished by guests. When you leave Casa Mun you leave full and happy – could you ask for anything more?

[…] credits: Duff + Frances Photography. For their day in a life with Chef Mun see here.] AKPC_IDS += […]

[…] A lot of people have hinted why I haven’t mentioned one of the most-talked-about closed door venue in BA. Let’s be honest: our relationship is…complicated (facebook status)- to add another layer of confusion, we became good friends/their photographers (our photo post of Mun).  […]

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