Buenos Aires Model Photography | Duff and Frances Photography

Buenos Aires Model Photography

You need some modeling photos taken? We would love to do a fun model photo shoot around Buenos Aires. How lucky were Frances and I to shoot Janneke as she was about to leave Buenos Aires to go back home after completing her law exams – yup – she isn’t just a pretty face. She knows her way around a court room as well.

What a fantastic afternoon we had with Janneke. We started out at a quaint coffee shop in BA called Croque Madame and then made our way to the Law Building in Palermo next to the Metal Flower Park that is a staple of most tourist visits. Throughout the shoot Janneke was laughing and smiling and making our jobs super easy. We wish her all the best as she heads back home and hope these images serve as a great keep sake of her time in this fabulous city.

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