Canada Eh? Ex-Pat Family Photo Shoot | Duff and Frances Photography

A good old Canadian family photo shoot – what could make it better? (Duff note: Maple Syrup?) Not much. Nick, Gina, and their two girls were absolute fabulous to shoot – so much fun, laughter, and love during the day. We were excited to see what the girls would be wearing knowing Gina has a great eye for colur and style – did we mention she’s an IB High School Art teacher? And all we can say is WOW. The family looked terrific and we were stoked to start clicking away.

Where to start? The trampoline of course! (Yes, they have the coolest house ever – a pool AND a trampoline – it’s a kids heaven come true! (Frances note: Or Duff’s). But we didn’t just stay on the trampoline all day – we wandered around some of the more interesting spots in San Isidro making an excellent day and ending up down at the river for a coffee. Perfect.


Nico Yaremchuk - August 2, 2011 - 8:39 am

Duff and Frances, Thanks so much for your care and patience during our photo shoot. It isn’t easy taking pics of a family consisting of an artist mom, a hyperactive and impatient dad, and two rambunctious girls. We are thrilled with the photo results and I can honestly say that there are DOZENS of shots that we love. I’m still not sure how you were able to catch our personalities and expressions so well…you are both gifted photographers, editors, and artists. Muchas gracias, Nico.

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