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Duff and Frances love being Photographers – and here is why

Palermo | Eating in Style | Duff and Frances Photography

Even photographers have to eat. I was inspired to take a look at some recent photographs we snapped in Palermo while we ate at a restaurant called Mott just a few weeks ago. What inspired me? Frances has a secret passion – FOOD. Shh. Don’t tell anyone I told you. You can read her Buenos Aires food […]

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San Francisco Bay Area | Capturing Memories

The best thing about shooting my own family is the organic expressions that are naturally displayed instead of the usual effort of having to establish a ‘test time’ for both sides. It was a great day of hanging out with them and pulling out my camera when the light hit them at the perfect angle, or […]

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San Telmo | Buenos Aires Sunday Market

It’s Sunday and you know what that means: The San Telmo market. A Buenos Aires tradition that is part for the tourists and part for the locals. The Sunday market is a great place to stroll around and find little gems and nuggets of goodness. Frances absolutely LOVES Ya Ya Bean’s hot sauce (they always have […]

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Granville Island: Kid + Paint = Trouble

Last summer Frances and I were in Vancouver and toured around Granville Island (we HIGHLY recommend eating at Bridges) and ran into this scene of mayhem. Obviously a kid camp, adults were ‘supervising’ the mess. This kid we snapped pictures of was going wild on the canvas and absolutely loving it. I’m not sure how […]

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Fotografía Cultural Chino

What better way to spend an evening showing a friend around than taking them to a Chinese tea house? Our brother-in-law Jason came and visited Frances and I last spring and we took him to a Chinese Tea House cultural home. If you’ve ever been to Beijing you know one of the great things to […]

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