Our Project: A Day in the Life

This is our project – our baby. All along this journey of relocating every few years, we have been stubbornly supporting local coffee shops, butcheries, and restauranteurs. It’s a great feeling to build relationships and support local businesses that are just as passionate as we are, even if it means paying that extra bit – a well- put effort to stray away from the conveniences of corporate industries.

So what is this project we speak of?

Recently we have been inspired to promote and give appreciation to local businesses that have been serving us, feeding us, and making us smile, throughout the world. The people behind the scene are sometimes unnoticed, constantly working hard to make customers like us happy; so in return we would love to do our best in capturing their moments at work, creating memories for them to keep as our token of appreciation.

To make this a bit dynamic and fun, during the shoots, we focus on shooting their day at work – their work, our perceptions through our lens. On the other hand, we give them a few fun questions to fill out; they get to edit, cross out, fill-in and comment – giving us a window to their thoughts, work and writings.

Our project. Our baby.

Duff and Frances

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