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San Isidro Wedding | Buenos Aires | Annie + Kevin

San Isidro Wedding

Who are these dashing young men behind these gorgeous flowers? Gaston, Mike, and the man of the hour Kevin. But why oh why are they hiding you may ask? Because they’re AWESOME and made shooting Annie and Kevin’s wedding so much fun for Frances and I. Hopefully you’ll notice not only how enjoyable our time in San Isidro was during the wedding, but also how close these friends and family are – oh and the bride looked just a *tad* bit smashing if I do say so myself. Lets check out how this intimate wedding played out.

As many of you know, when Frances and I got married it was a very small wedding in San Francisco at City Hall. What we loved about it was we had our close family there and it was nice and intimate. It’s hard not to relate to what Annie and Kevin were going for in their wedding.

Annie had her sister, who is living here in Buenos Aires, help with the planning, and upon arrival all the last minute details were ironed out. Getting married in Buenos Aires is something someone will never forget, and will probably make for quite a few good stories as Annie and Kevin grow old together 🙂

Recoleta Engagement Session | Belina and Robye

A picture says a thousand words; What a day. Our Recoleta Engagement shoot was so action packed how could our couple, flying in from Perth, Australia, not lay down and kick back with the Floralis Generica in the background?!

I’m getting ahead of ourselves here. Lets say hello to our couple from down under, Belinda and Robye. It’s not often I meet someone with an interesting name, and the spelling of Robye is something I’ve never come across. Yes, this is coming from someone with the name Duff (yes, it’s really my one and only name, and no, it’s not short for anything).

I knew we were in for a good time when Robye saw me and said Belinda was just outside shopping for a new pair of Tango shoes. Awesome! You can’t tell from above but they were rockin’ hot red, and they’ll make an appearance below.

To make the shoot memorable we debated back and forth in email and decided on a brand new location for us – the most amazing book store in the world –  El Anteneo. We’ve always wanted to shoot there and were super stoked our recently engaged couple were up for it. Lets see how it all went.

A big THANK YOU to Belinda and Robye for being awesome and tramping all around Buenos Aires (In Red heels no less!). Their wedding plans sound absolutely amazing and it was great to spend time together. I absolutely loved their idea of taking one of these pictures and turning it into a Stamp for their wedding invitations. How cool is that? I wonder if they’ll choose the Red Shoe picture? Whatever they end up choosing it’s sure to be a hit. Thanks once again!


Katerina + Senya .: Engagement Session Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero Buenos Aires

The sun is setting, Fall is here, what better place than Puerto Madero to do a destination Engagement Session while in Buenos Aires? Katerina and Senya had been traveling around South America all the way from Israel and contacted us asking about a session that would explore a fun part of the city; Buenos Aires has so many cool areas to choose from – the cafes of Palermo, the cobblestone neighbourhoods of San Isidro, or the upscale area of Puerto Madero. Little did our couple know we were going to take them to some abandoned train tracks after our jaunt around Puerto Madero and then end up at one of the more impressive art pieces in the city – Flor de Metal  – giving them a sense that right around the corner anything can be found in Buenos Aires.

The sun had set and we had a fantastic time with this couple; When I think of all our past shoots this year, this one has to be one of the sexiest – they just oozed charisma through the whole shoot. We asked Katarina if she had ever done any modeling and she said no, so we just chalked it up to her being a natural in front of the camera. I really believe the pictures show a couple deeply in love, and that’s what an engagement session should all be about – love, laughter, and fun!

Singapore Destination Engagement Photography | Matt + Liz

As we prepare for our move to Singapore – and we can’t wait to start photographing happy couples – we wanted to showcase one of our favourite engagement photo shoots that we did for a destination client from the States.

Where to start? This awesome couple booked their Argentina destination engagement session and wedding (wait till you see those amazing moments) a few months ago and we could just tell by the email communication we were going to have a fun time! What we didn’t know was how passionate and in love Matt and Liz were – and man did it ever show in the pictures. Lets check it out shall we?

Laughter and fun. That’s the first thing a Singapore Engagement shoot should be all about. All in a days work. We need to thank Matt and Liz for being such an awesome couple – and letting us get them in trouble. From having the police come and tell us to get off the train tracks to the guys at the train station telling us to get out of the abandoned train, they were such good sports – all in the name of photography and love!

That’s what we try to do – have fun with our clients. For sure the pictures are the number one priority – but we also try to make sure the actual shoot is memorable. And for Frances and I it definately was. Here’s perhaps one of the more fun moments of our time together .:

Singapore Engagement photographers have such an advantage for picking locations such as East Coast Park, Marina Bay Sands, Little India, China Town, Orchard, Waterloo Street, or even the popular Clarke Quay. Frances and I definately tend to stick towards off the beaten path locations and places that aren’t ‘touristry’ but always work with the clients when choosing locations. And oh the choices you’ll have!

If you’re interested in a shoot send us a note – we’d love to work with you.


Smiles and Laughs | Kerry + Ed + Girls

There’s something magical and special about bubbles. I can’t quite put my finger on it – but when I see kids blowing bubbles it seems to bring out the kid in me – and a great big smile.

How excited were we when Kerry mentioned “Oh I brought some bubbles for the girls…” Sometimes as photographers we are so lucky and this was definately one of those times.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. You might realize by reading through many of these posts that when a family or a couple have a puppy I am all over taking pictures of them. Yes, Frances gets mad at usually, because she thinks I should focus on the humans. Sigh – doesn’t she realize a puppy is just as important – like our own Chomp 🙂 (I’m getting in trouble write now with this post). Ok ok back we go – and we start off with a little drool 🙂

And with that we were done. I mentioned how lucky we are sometimes and actually now that I think about it we’re lucky all the time. Seriously. We love what we do – we get to hang out with awesome couples and families like this and take their picture. I’m not sure it gets any better than this. A big hearty thank you to the girls and Ed and Kerry for letting us enjoy an awesome weekend afternoon with them.

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