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Joana + Jose | Puente de la Mujer Engagement | Buenos Aires

The work day ends and what better thing to do than bead to an Engagement  photo shoot? That’s exactly what our couple Joana and Jose did just this past week. And what a perfect evening for a fun photo shoot stroll through some of the historic landmarks around Buenos Aires like Puente de la Mujer in Puerto Madero? Lets see what we got up to shall we?

Right away we were blown away by what great fashion sense these two had. They were comfortable and relaxed and looked fantastic. We just started using Pinterest to help clients with things like what to wear. Check out our Pinterest board here.

What grabbed us during our whole shoot was how we ll connected Joana and Jose were – you could tell they were partners in every sense of the word. Their smiles were so natural we never really had to break out the bad jokes. And trust us, that’s a good thing. Well, according to Frances, I actually think I’m quite funny (Frances note: he’s not. He just likes to think he is :))

It’s interesting when we go  through a shoots images. Sometimes an image can look fantastic in colour, or just needs some adjusting here or there, but most of the time for some reason an image just looks amazing in good old black and white. As I was putting together this post I noticed I was gravitating towards the black and white images. I think Joana and Jose and just so classic, and their images needed to be in black and white to really represent them. They’re like a timeless couple – and these images hopefully represent that.

We had a fabulous time trapsing all around Puerto Madero snapping pictures and watching the sunset. And ok, if a picture is going to have colour, it should be a sunset picture shouldn’t it? Thanks Joana and Jose for letting us be part of your engagement story!

Walking in Buenos Aires | Talia is One!

Walking in Buenos Aires

How excited were we to hear from Milena with the big news? Talia was turning one. ONE! But rumour had it there was something even more exciting. Yes parents, it’s what you all look forward to – Talia was walking!!! Yup that little locomotive was on the move – time to start baby proofing the house even more. So get up Talia and lets start running… err walking… or both!

Through our entire time we couldn’t help but giggle at how cute Talia was “Frankensteining” around Recoletta. You know what I mean – hands out for balance, wobbling back and forth, not quite knowing if you’ll fall or not – that was Talia – and she was SUPERB! Even more superb were here two awesome parents – letting her figure everything out on her own – I think Frances and I were more worried about her falling.

Will Talia turn into a track star? Time will tell. We can’t wait to see what is in store for this adorable baby girl. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

I couldn’t help but post this one last pic – we LOVE the smile on her face. Can’t get enough of this little one.

Maternity Photography Buenos Aires | Pregnancy Photographer

maternity photography buenos aires

When you’re pregnant you definitely want to have a Maternity photo shoot to capture this once in a lifetime event –  and what better place than Buenos Aires?!

We originally shot Adena and her family back in the spring and little did we know she was just a few weeks pregnant. How excited were we to get the email asking us to do a pregnancy photo shoot?! YES YES! Lets see the beautiful Adena and the ‘soon-to-be’ little brother of Trey.

Adena looks absolutely beautiful. They say you glow when you’re pregnant and we can’t help but agree after spending time with Adena. We can’t wait to see the little one arrive safe and sound. Stay tuned for some new born pictures – Can’t wait!

Susanne + Kevin + Girls | Buenos Aires in the Spring

Spring time in Buenos Aires! What better time to have a fun packed family shoot with Duff and Frances? (Ok, anytime is a good time – but spring especially :)). We were thrilled to spend an afternoon with Susanne and Kevin and their two girls. Super cute. Super fun.

So who chases these two sisters? Mom and dad of course! It was hard not to get caught up seeing how awesome Susanne and Kevin were with their two girls. I think everyone who saw Kevin holding his daughters hand as we walked through the park not to go ‘aww’ – there’s just something about a dad and his daughter – or daughters in this case – that makes one gush.

I think it’s almost mandatory to end a shoot in a tree when you’ve been in a park all afternoon. I’m sure in a few years Susanne and Kevin will be asking their girls to come down from the tree as they begin their climbing stage. For now, they were content playing Princess and Tea, having a jovial time on the blanket as we finished up snapping some portraits. As always, we were blessed to have spent some time with Susanne and Kevin’s family – a big thank you from us.

Angie + Steve + Kids | Palermo in the Spring

The stars of the show! When you are lucky enough like Frances and I to be invited to take pictures of two totally happy smiling kids you simply can’t ask for more as a photographer. Steve and Angie asked us to snap some family photos before they departed from Buenos Aires onto their next adventure. We were more than happy to oblige. Lets take a look at this awesome family.

I absolutely loved the ending to our shoot. A son and dad sharing a moment on the park bench. Sharing the afternoon with Steve and his family, Frances and I witnessed a fantastic family in action. Letting the kids roam around, you really noticed when the siblings grow up they’ll be best friends. They already have a fantastic repoire and you can see they like to hang out  and have fun together.

A big thank you to Steve and Angie for letting us capture some of their magic. All the best in 2012!

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