Recoleta Engagement Session | Belina and Robye

A picture says a thousand words; What a day. Our Recoleta Engagement shoot was so action packed how could our couple, flying in from Perth, Australia, not lay down and kick back with the Floralis Generica in the background?!

I’m getting ahead of ourselves here. Lets say hello to our couple from down under, Belinda and Robye. It’s not often I meet someone with an interesting name, and the spelling of Robye is something I’ve never come across. Yes, this is coming from someone with the name Duff (yes, it’s really my one and only name, and no, it’s not short for anything).

I knew we were in for a good time when Robye saw me and said Belinda was just outside shopping for a new pair of Tango shoes. Awesome! You can’t tell from above but they were rockin’ hot red, and they’ll make an appearance below.

To make the shoot memorable we debated back and forth in email and decided on a brand new location for us – the most amazing book store in the world –  El Anteneo. We’ve always wanted to shoot there and were super stoked our recently engaged couple were up for it. Lets see how it all went.

A big THANK YOU to Belinda and Robye for being awesome and tramping all around Buenos Aires (In Red heels no less!). Their wedding plans sound absolutely amazing and it was great to spend time together. I absolutely loved their idea of taking one of these pictures and turning it into a Stamp for their wedding invitations. How cool is that? I wonder if they’ll choose the Red Shoe picture? Whatever they end up choosing it’s sure to be a hit. Thanks once again!


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